Are you so busy, you think you don’t have time to brainstorm and develop a marketing plan for your business? Think again. If you have a 2 hour flight coming up soon; purchase this talk-you-through-it ebook and take it with you. You can have a finished marketing strategy that will catapult your visibility and revenue by the time you land. Now that’s smart . . .and fast. Read it and reap.
— Sam Horn, author of POP! and Tongue Fu! and 16-time Emcee of the world-renowned Maui Writers Conference
Robyn Levin’s new eBook and interactive template, Cocktail Napkin Plan® is like marketing magic. In less than two hours, I created my marketing plan with specific quarterly goals that were simple, straightforward, and achievable. Robyn has the wisdom of a sage and the ability to communicate like the finest actor. Get the book and use it. Get your marketing rabbit out of the hat. No tricks, I promise.
— Joanne S. Black Professional Speaker and Author No More Cold Calling®: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust (Warner Business Books)
Many thanks to you Robyn, your insights and savvy strategies in social networking marketing put our marketing plan into overdrive. It all started with the 10 minutes I spent working your “cocktail napkin marketing plan” which became our blueprint for success. The rest was listening to you and making it happen!
— John Mourraille, Managing Director, Market Advisors LLC
Need something to get your business off the ground? If you’re like me, some of your best strategic thinking and marketing planning is done away from the office and 30,000 feet in the air when on business trips. Unfortunately, we tend to lose those valuable scraps of note paper along with our moments of inspiration. Now, there’s a solution– someone (Robyn Levin) invented a new tool that even looks like a paper napkin that allows you to capture, structure and create a marketing plan and it’s called the “Cocktail Napkin Plan®.” Just whip out your laptop, follow the 4 simple steps to create your electronic napkin plan. Before you land, you’ve got your plan…. it doesn’t get much easier!
— Tom. W. Anderson, Vice-Chairman and Founder, PENSCO Trust Company
I read your “Cocktail Napkin Plan® e-Book and case study and I thought that they were both informative, succinct, compelling and to the point.
— Dr. Michael F. Smith, Associate Professor of Marketing, Academic Director, BBA Program Fox School School of Business and Management, Temple University